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Only one other case had an area of negative vorticity present at the time of an earthquake’s occurrence. Astrology is especially connected with the horoscope system within the west so it’ll be wont to make a case for the aspect’s of a person’s behavior. A strong storm system had moved east and northeast into the far northern Great Lakes and produced a regional tornado outbreak, mainly in Kansas and southern Iowa into Nebraska. The FIM is showing a very strong system hitting the far northern Plains after coming out of the Western US. Christmas here in Tucson started out cool (low here at house 38F) and sunny. NWS watches and warnings for Christmas are shown below. As is shown above, an area of elevated vorticity was observed over the site of the earthquake, with an area of opposing negative vorticity close behind the positive vorticity swath. As is shown above, an area of high positive vorticity was seen moving towards the Los Angeles area, with a large swath of negative vorticity values closely in pursuit. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Greater Los Angeles area at approximately 3:50 UTC.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck Arkansas at approximately 5:01 UTC. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area at approximately 14:47 UTC. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck southern Illinois at approximately 9:37 UTC. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck the waters just a few miles offshore northern California at approximately 00:27 UTC. The vorticity map above is from 3:00 UTC. The vorticity map shown above is from 3:00 UTC. This vorticity map is from 3:00 UTC. This vorticity map shown above is from 00:00 UTC. As is shown above, a large area of positive vorticity is seen over the area where the earthquake occurred. As is shown above, a compact area of elevated vorticity was moving towards the area of the earthquake when the earthquake struck. 10 of these 43 cases will be shown below, and a full list of statistics on all 43 cases will then be illustrated. This map shown above is from 6:00 UTC.

This map is from 21:00 UTC. The above vorticity map is from 9:00 UTC. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck northeast Ohio at approximately 3:56 UTC. This morning (Wednesday the 26th) the storm is impacting the Ohio Valley and heading for the east coast. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined a slight risk of severe weather for Saturday, September 22 in the Northeast. Select the data for your needs, and plan around the weather, for aviation, fishing, sailing, surfing, cycling, hiking, photography, storm tracking or anyone interested in the weather. You could however, use the maps and data to predict such things as the volume of water lost in a pool, lake, or other body of water over a period of time. In areas where the water is naturally high in salt, try watering your plants with purified water. Your car tyres will move surface water but a wet surface remains relatively slippery.

Human activity such as settlement, animal rearing, farming and transportation however can cause rainfall variations on the earth’s surface through land degradation. This continues the idea that anomalous vorticity values may be the cause of some earthquakes. Because of the closeness in the fields of geology and meteorology, there has been much discussion about a possible correlation between the two, possibly a correlation that could help predict earthquakes in advance. The 500 mb pattern was much like the mid-range forecasts highlighted in earlier posts. The image associated with each case shows vorticity values at the 500 millibar level. As the map shows, a very large area of high vorticity values was observed approaching New Jersey at the time of the earthquake. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck northern California at approximately 3:03 UTC. This vorticity map is from 15:00 UTC. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck west-central California at 22:51 UTC. More than half of the cases in this study favor the proposition that anomalous vorticity values either over or in the immediate vicinity of the earthquake may be the cause behind this earthquake. This study was composed of a total 43 ‘cases’, in which 43 different earthquake events on the US Mainland were analyzed in magnitude, date and location.

This theory was then matched against 43 of the most recent US Mainland earthquakes. For decades, there has been a struggle among geologists and meteorologists to find a cause for earthquakes that can range from a minor nuisance to lethal earth-shakers. While the percentages of supporting the study/not supporting the study are still rather even (60% favor to 40% non-favor), this could be the first evidence that indicates weather may be a factor in some earthquakes. 17 out of the 43 cases do not support the study. Severe turbulence: Causes large and rapid changes in altitude and the airplane may become temporarily out of control. At the time of the earthquake, a significant area of positive vorticity was moving towards the site of the earthquake, with a belt of large negative vorticity values west of a line of weaker positive vorticity anomalies. Temporal summation converts a rapid series of weak pulses from one source into one large signal.