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Cold fronts may lead to strong showers. Talking about mountains, we did get some post-frontal snow showers in the Cascades yesterday (see pictures at Stevens Pass, which got around 9 inches). We know the snow is coming, the wind will blow and temperatures will plummet. Saturday appears on the chilly side but free of snow. This tornado passed very near Lambert Field (the St. Louis airport) and the Weather Bureau Office (which was then located in the old terminal building on the northwest side of the airport). The latest measurements from the weather station at the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Building. The approach of this system is clearly showed by high-resolution regional weather prediction models (see graphic of 3-hr precipitation ending 4 PM). With a team approach Tiger Woods would not stand a chance and the stats clearly bear this prediction out. The office was in a state of near chaos when I reported for work, and an investigation team had just arrived from kansas City.

This severe drought has actually reached its highest level, ‘Exceptional’, in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, just to name a few. This review substantially updates the earlier review by Pittock (1978) in the light of more than 100 papers published in the last few years. I have described a few times on this blog the idea of the East Asia-East US storm correlation, where a stormy period in East Asia can mean a stormy period in the East US 6-10 days later. The above image shows sea surface temperature anomalies for the east Pacific. Dry conditions persist in the Southeast, representing the dreaded Southeast Ridge that works to push storm systems northeast to affect the areas that are listed as ‘Wet’ in the above image. Do you see that anywhere else on this image? On January 24, 1967 – 45 years ago today – there was an unusual winter outbreak of tornadoes that struck in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin (see track map above).

One of the last tornadoes of the day (around 7 pm) was an F-4 that struck across the northern portion of St. Louis, Missouri – track is shown below. I think you can argue that our track record is a lot better. I mean A LOT better. Power curve analysis does not rule out, however, that in some cases, the agency debt ratings may do a better job of predicting default than the KMV analysis. Our analysis can delve even further and reveal the likelihood of specific outcomes, such as the probability of each teams actual score outcome (CORRECT SCORE), though some believe in fixed matches. Each animal is assigned to a specific period in the cycle which comes around every 12 years. The La Nina influences the weather by producing below normal temperature anomalies over the Pacific Northwest and North Plains during the winter months, as well as dry weather in the Southwest.

I have little doubt that, unless several weeks of persistent rains strike the Plains, these two gradient zones will become key players in the formation and development of thunderstorms and severe weather in the Midwest and southeast Plains. There are still many states in the central and southern Plains well into severe drought status. Anyway, meteorologists are human and you have to factor that in. Members of the latter group have expressed a great need for reliable, concise information about how cloud seeding works and what it does to the weather. Well, for me you have this blog and my Friday 9:50 AM segment on KUOW. “The weather conditions are extremely unfavourable at the Zojila top where temperature goes down to minus 12 degree during these days. The term baroclinic zone defines an area of temperature gradient across an area, commonly a zone where storm formation is enhanced. Now, I personally believe this baroclinic zone does not apply to temperatures.