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The market for knowledge management options is huge and numerous; it’s imperative to know the primary providers, understand the fee and benefit of every type of know-how, and determine how each answer might help-or hinder-you from reaching your objectives. For instance, those that personally know someone who’s Muslim are much more probably than those that do not know anybody who’s Muslim to determine Ramadan as an Islamic holy month (76% vs 46%). And whereas 71% of respondents who know somebody who’s Hindu additionally know that yoga has its roots in the religion, simply 43% of those that have no idea a Hindu are aware of yoga’s Hindu roots. By comparability, Christians who attended a public faculty or a nonreligious private faculty get fewer of these questions proper.8 Similarly, Christians who spent a few years attending Sunday school or a similar sort of religious education (for example, CCD for Catholics) appropriately answer more questions in regards to the Bible and Christianity than do Christians who never attended Sunday faculty. Christians who say they commonly spend time learning about their own religion (for example, reading scripture, visiting web sites, listening to podcasts, studying books or magazines, or watching tv) reply extra questions correctly concerning the Bible and Christianity than do those that say they make such efforts to find out about their religion less often (9.Four questions right out of 14 total, vs.

Those who say they’ve taken a world religions class (e.g., in high school or school) answer 17.3 questions accurately, on average, in contrast with 12.5 among those that have not taken such a category. Half of Americans (49%) say they are not sure what the prosperity gospel is. Just one-in-five Americans (20%) know that Protestantism traditionally teaches that salvation comes by religion alone, a key theological subject within the Protestant Reformation.10 One-in-ten incorrectly imagine that Catholicism teaches that salvation comes by means of faith alone, while the remainder of adults declined to offer a response within the survey (38%) or wrongly state that both Protestantism and Catholicism teach this (23%) or that neither Christian tradition teaches this (8%). Evangelical Protestants are extra likely than other groups to know the normal Protestant educating, though even among evangelicals, far fewer than half (37%) answer the question appropriately. Respondents who know somebody who belongs to a religious group are likely to accurately answer more questions about that religion. One exception to this pattern is evangelical Christians, who’re rated most warmly by these on the low finish of the religious knowledge scale. Bloom’s Taxonomy measures the cognitive degree students are expected to show so as to prove a studying expertise occurred.

Students study by connecting new knowledge with knowledge and ideas that they already know, thereby constructing new meanings (NRC, 2000). Research suggests that students join knowledge most successfully in active social classrooms, where they negotiate understanding by means of interplay and diverse approaches. The survey didn’t include enough interviews with Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or members of different religions to permit dependable analysis of the connection between their religious education and knowledge of their respective religions. On common, respondents who know somebody from a minimum of seven different religious groups reply 19.Zero questions right, on average, whereas those that know someone from three or fewer religious teams common 8.6 right. However, Jews, atheists and agnostics show larger religious knowledge than different teams even after controlling for education and other demographic traits related to realizing extra about religion. The survey additionally asked respondents to fee 9 different religious groups on a “feeling thermometer” starting from 0 (coldest and most negative) to 100 (warmest and most constructive). Jewish or Muslim populations, incorrectly stating that one or each of those teams make up greater than 5% of the U.S.

This consists of 12% who think the dimensions of each teams exceeds 5%, 13% who suppose Jews account for greater than 5% of U.S. About one-in-eight (12%) incorrectly consider that the prosperity gospel is the instructing that it is easier for a camel to undergo the eye of a needle than for a wealthy person to enter the kingdom of God. • Who’s most closely associated with willingness to sacrifice his son to obey God? • Who is most carefully related to saving Jews from murder by interesting to king? • Which Bible figure is most carefully related to main the Exodus from Egypt? The survey also finds that Christians who attended a religious non-public college whereas growing up answer 9.Four questions concerning the Bible and Christianity accurately, on common. Chapter 1 takes a step-by-step have a look at how people from quite a lot of religious traditions performed on each of the survey’s religious knowledge questions. Questions about completely different religions not only fluctuate in issue, but in addition give attention to specific aspects of religions and don’t cover the breadth of knowledge individuals could have about any specific religion. A professional that has a better level of expertise can ship higher quality work as a result of they have been in the field for a longer time.