Thanksgiving Weather Map: Rain And Snow Could Disrupt Travel

The observed image of zonal wind values tells me that the polar vortex is weakly present from the 3 millibar level through the rest of the stratosphere. Positive zonal wind values indicate the presence of a storm system (in this case, the polar vortex), while negative zonal wind values tell of an anticyclone (high pressure system) in the vicinity. The good news is that high quality weather instruments are available in all price ranges, with some amateur gear approaching professional quality. Winds should be taken on masts that are not near buildings or trees (and not a the peak of roofs where wind is accelerated). Rain gauges should be in the open, not near splashing roofs or protective trees. Maritime polar air results in fog, drizzles and long periods of light or moderate rain due to the amount of moisture it carries. • A Moderate Risk has been issued for Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

This moderate risk is particularly alarming, as it appears to be only the 9th time in Storm Prediction Center history that a moderate risk has been issued two days away from the predicted event. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a severe weather outlook for Sunday, April 27th, indicating the continuance of Saturday’s severe weather. This indicates that the storm has passed maturity, and is now on the path to weakening. The scope of this now-likely outbreak is displayed on excerpts of the Storm Prediction Center write-up below. Andrew Orrison of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Weather Prediction Center advises that people should keep track of flight schedules and weather reports. It’s better to seek valuable guidance through Indian astrology prediction reports so you choose a right path to succeed ahead in life. Shown above is a combined image of observed zonal winds as of yesterday morning throughout the stratosphere (millibar levels shown on the left-hand side of the image), while the right image depicts zonal winds 10 days from now. Temperature should be measured in the shade or in a protected (white) enclosure at 2-meters above the surface. Sometimes a deck can be designed to make the best of both sun and shade.

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We see the closed low wrapping those strong mid-level winds into the warm sector, enhanced right over that meeting point of Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and right over the Moderate Risk outline. Seeing as the supercell composite is enhanced right over that moderate risk area again, it’s clear that this focal point of Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma will be the bullseye for Sunday’s severe weather threat. Despite this, a screaming mid-level Pacific jet stream, clocking in at nearly 100 knots, will be feeding this severe weather threat for days to come. They can sense a front moving in and will go on a feeding frenzy.They will also know when to shut down on eating when the front actually moves through. Did you know that the founding fathers–like Jefferson and Washington–were weather enthusiasts that took weather observations much of their lives? We also see a much more alarming ‘Moderate risk’ of severe weather, covering extreme northeast Texas, southwest Arkansas, northwest Louisiana and southeast Oklahoma. I am understanding from this case study that how can we manage the time during project and how much time will we have to spend on the small parts of the projects.

Since the beginning of April, ENSO-Neutral conditions have prevailed, with no defined El Nino or La Nina present at this time. Beginning in the closing days of March, we began to see a warming trend across the same region of the eastern Pacific Ocean. Lakes Ontario and Erie should not see as intense of lake effect snow outbreaks, but the coastlines of those lakes will still experience some hefty lake effect snow events. As this weather front passes, the winds that are present will shift from south to southwest, and eventually they will begin to blow in a westerly direction. We begin with the top image, showing unfiltered VP200 anomalies. As Figure 37 attests, temperatures at the top of the stratosphere are grinding out fresh strings of record lows on numerous occasions since spring. When the polar vortex takes its summer leave, we can anticipate the unusually chilly spring to end.