The Folly Of Prediction (Ep. 41)

On the afternoon of May 2nd, we see a small but still-substantial ridge of high pressure pushing over Japan, as a strong storm system to the west begins pushing in the direction of the island nation. The GFS model is not as optimistic as it does not have as much of a ridge in the west and does not press the cold air as much as the European. Here is another view of the vortex over eastern Canada in blue and green funneling the cold air into the United States.. If this vortex presses further to the south and east of Canada like the European model is showing, it will set up a favorable position for high pressure to form. The quality of their materials and the fixtures that are required to set them up, will decide the functional aspect of the storages. All areas from Philadelphia north would have a shot at accumulating snow late this weekend into early next week with this set up. Models project that storm system will travel towards the east coast by late next weekend.

That level of consistency is remarkable given how we remain five months out from December, and climate models are notorious for disagreement amongst themselves even a month or two in advance. Similarly, the computational cost incurred when including many processes interactively in climate models cannot be justified for NWP (although we are starting to see the import of some additional complexity from climate models to NWP). It cost the researcher has to travel to meet the respondents in different parts of the country. As the same cold front extends farther south, there will be a risk for more strong showers and thunderstorms, with hail being the main risk. 6 of them are always the same and I never change them. The same goes for high pressure and warm weather. Looking at the trough, it looks like the system is negatively tilted, as seen by the pressure contours pushing in a south-east direction.

We saw low pressure dominating the Bering Sea too often to be comfortable, and this low pressure anomaly then led to low pressure on the West Coast of the US. There are websites dedicated purely to wall paintings online and then there are home decor websites on general. This version of the GFDL model then produces cooler than normal weather across the Rockies, pushing south into Texas as well. Secondly, a global wind pattern at the equator called the QBO was too strong causing the pacific jet stream become too powerful and prevent the polar jet from sinking south and giving our region cold air. With the massive heat wave currently engulfing the eastern US, this cool front will be relief for many down South. With effective skin evaporation and cooling at night, heat exhaustion and deaths are rare in our region, even with very hot weather. The risk of heat related illness increases if you are in a new job where you are working in a hotter environment than you were previously used to, your body needs time to acclimatize to this.

For instance, if you are born between the 21st of October and the 20th of November, you are born under the sign of Scorpio and any person born under this sign is apparently passionate, intuitive and forceful. Multiple storm systems that have traversed through the region since October 1 indicate that the region of interest ought to have the advantage in the snow department this winter. The October sunspot data was released in the last week, and it shows a worrying scenario for the upcoming winter. More to come as we press on into winter. If your winter has been harsh, look into hiring your roofers to come and check over everything after winter has passed, giving you peace of mind that everything is ok for the rest of the year. Lastly, when it comes to choosing the best washer for big family households, do keep in mind the types of items you will be washing. Focusing on North America, we can see over the next week the influence on temps that vortex will bring.

A very interesting fact about the groundhog is it can remove an estimated 700 pounds of dirt when digging a burrow. Regardless, given the fact we are a week away both options are realistic at this point. The Single Pixel Data Extraction Tool allows users to enter a single geographic point by latitude and longitude in decimal degrees. The Final 2013-2014 Winter Forecast is looking fairly good at this point. Fact: Human beings are not very good at predicting the future. In the current study we demonstrate that the allergen prediction method proposed by FAO/WHO has a very low precision, predicting the majority of Swiss-Prot and rice proteins as allergens. The method presented here is also capable of predicting (signal peptide-containing) secretory proteins where only the mature part of the protein has been annotated or cases where the signal peptide remains uncleaved. However, as with the Bronx Aging Study, the investigators were interested in predicting dementia of any etiology, and the predictor tests were also used for the purposes of diagnosis. However, there is a heightened risk of hail in Texas. Eventually, these supercells will align to form bowing segments, capable of damaging winds and potentially large hail. These supercells are unlikely to be tornadic, but some rotation does appear to be possible.