The Great Lake Superior

Word spread land-side about the effectiveness of LeRoy’s coats in rain and cold, and settlers of the outback acquired this legendary waterproof material to protect themselves from the severe weather of the Australian Bush. Like enthusiastic sports fans, these weather bugs can usually tell you just about everything there is to know about weather. You too can enjoy promotion more because you don’t have to go out to sell or tell. He didnt send someone out to speak for him. I won’t be out marching on Saturday, but I will continue my science outreach using this blog, my radio show on KNKX, and talks at local groups. Try to figure out what they are marching to change. Instead of marching and being seen as opponents of the current administration, scientists and their supporters would be far more effective if they greatly increased their outreach to the community, communicating both the process and results of science.

Let me end, by saying that there is nothing wrong with marches against the current administration or the current Republican leadership in Congress. If folks are honest, they would admit that this is basically a political protest against the current leadership in DC. Perhaps the most problematic leadership in the history of our country. There were a few inches of snow during the past 24h, which helps covers the ice layer produced by freezing rain this week in the lower passes. Although, it is likely that you experience a sudden wave of cold or shows of rain on a seemingly warm, sunny day. In the night, you can experience snow with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius, coving the entire city in a beautiful white sheet. All round the globe, the entire communication is to be done in a single language, i.e. English. A few years ago it was reported the ‘size of Texas’ but earlier in the year it’s now reported the size of the entire west coast. During the next few days the low center will move southward, leaving a ridge of high pressure over our region.

Demonstrably wrong, but few protested this obvious distortion and politicization of science. But don’t involve science in it. Will a large protest march for science help bridge this divide? Help increase science literacy. A good reason to have climate scientists enhance active outreach into communities doubting the science. In the long term, public understanding of science and the motivations of scientists is the most powerful tool for protecting the health of the nation’s science enterprise. Yet for many respondents, a detailed understanding of PoP did not appear necessary; for them, the likelihood of precipitation seemed, on its own, sufficient. This subtle shift has had its effects, such as causing this winter to be warmer over our region, with a bit more precipitation over California. As CA become warmer and drier, there will be a huge potential for agricultural expansion in eastern Washington from those picking fruit and those working in the packing and shipping industries.

With warmer temperatures and dry conditions, little new snow is expected in the mountains. Congress has not passed a budget yet, so there is little information about what cut-backs or rebudgeting will occur. We will call this area the ‘ICY ZONE’. Let’s build bridges in the area of climate change. Marches like this don’t build bridges. Several of us have built bridges in the area of weather prediction, and this week the Weather Forecast and Research Innovation Bill was signed into law. This area is now a national lakeshore and is protected. The infrared satellite image on Sunday night tells the story (below), with a deep low pressure area (swirling clouds) off of Oregon. IRCTC PNR Status tells the latest seat berth status of passenger in Indian Railways i.e. whether passenger has got confirmed reservation, Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) or the passenger is in waiting list. Let the term ‘directon’ indicate a maximal set of adjacent genes located on the same DNA strand; i.e. the adjacent genes on both the 5′ and 3′ sides of the directon fall on the opposite strand.