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The 500 mb pattern was much like the mid-range forecasts highlighted in earlier posts. The image associated with each case shows vorticity values at the 500 millibar level. The web cam image below shows early morning conditions in Indianapolis, Indiana, which was reporting heavy snow and 30 mph winds at the time of the image (about 7 am CST). At the time the earthquake struck, a localized area of negative vorticity values was observed over the area where this earthquake occurred. This continues the idea that anomalous vorticity values may be the cause of some earthquakes. This reinforces the theory of this study that areas of anomalous vorticity (typically positive vorticity) may be the cause behind some earthquakes. For the statistics listing ‘Supports study’ or ‘Does not support study’, the theory is that anomalous vorticity values may be the cause of some earthquakes. For decades, there has been a struggle among geologists and meteorologists to find a cause for earthquakes that can range from a minor nuisance to lethal earth-shakers.

As the front passes, temperatures can drop suddenly, sometimes in as short as one hour or less. Short trips are in the offing for the citizens of Leo in the year 2012. Your children may find abstracted from their studies. The Lezak Recurring Cycle does appear to be pointing out a severe weather event in the late May timeframe. Based on a study I conducted, I believe I may have found a tool that could HELP (not completely predict) forecast the occurrence of an earthquake. It is a large amount of data, that can’t be processed with the help of conventional DB and software applications. Because of the closeness in the fields of geology and meteorology, there has been much discussion about a possible correlation between the two, possibly a correlation that could help predict earthquakes in advance. There is a great deal of speculation going on world wide about what might happen on 12.21.12. But what are some of the prophecies that point to this day? Now in the modern era it is practiced in the different parts of the world. People now days are not superstitious but they still they believe in these thoughts and they can’t deny it.

An accuracy of ∼75% is obtainable with six sequences and Pfold can cope with many more sequences, so even higher accuracies are possible. A free daily horoscope can even provide warnings regarding things that an individual might need to avoid on a selected day. NWS watches and warnings for Christmas are shown below. Second, are customized Pre-Employment Tests — so a company can prefer job applicants who get test scores similar to its superstar employees’ test scores. They often expect to get away with such stunts, yet still keep their job. People who are read by clairvoyants on some things concerning their careers can be given insights as to how their careers will cope and get on. They can change the game in one pitch, which could spell trouble for the Cardinals if the Braves continue to get on base at the same rate as the regular season (.336 Team OBP). Whether it is about career or love or health, an individual can read about all sector and find the right solutions as their planetary positions.

The forecast on the right shows 200mb velocity potential anomalies forecasted by the GFS. Twitter shows its great energy in 2009. This community comes as the innovative learning and communication channel for people. Source: “How Many People Live to 100 Across the Globe? A snowy or icy day almost often results in an increase in people calling into work sick or simply taking a personal day. The Year 2018 is slowly approaching along with the excitement to make new resolutions and then planning to work on them. At the time of the earthquake, significant positive vorticity values were observed approaching the state of Arkansas from northern Texas and western Oklahoma. Heavy snows from eastern Oklahoma into northern Arkansas occurred, with a severe thunderstorm outbreak over the lower Mississippi Valley (second graphic below). A 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck Arkansas at approximately 5:01 UTC. A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area at approximately 14:47 UTC.

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck west-central California at 22:51 UTC. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck northern California at approximately 3:03 UTC. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck southern Illinois at approximately 9:37 UTC. The vorticity map above is from 3:00 UTC. As is shown above, an area of elevated vorticity was observed over the site of the earthquake, with an area of opposing negative vorticity close behind the positive vorticity swath. As is shown above, a lobe of elevated vorticity is shown offshore the west coast of Colorado, with a small area of higher vorticity immediately close to the northern California coast where the earthquake occurred. As is shown above, a compact area of elevated vorticity was moving towards the area of the earthquake when the earthquake struck. This vorticity map is from 3:00 UTC. The vorticity map shown above is from 3:00 UTC. This vorticity map shown above is from 00:00 UTC.