Canceled Flights, Snow And A ‘Bomb Cyclone’

This high pressure system would either result in an East Coast threat or throwing the disturbance out to sea. Unlike more distant impacts of global warming such as the slowly rising sea level, the effects of local weather extremes tend to be instantly tangible and vividly remembered. Under that deal, 196 countries acknowledged global warming was probably happening, that rich countries caused the problem and should extend finance and technology to developing nations to fix it. I will be giving a talk on March 16th at 7:30 PM in Kane Hall on the UW campus on the history, science, and technology of weather forecasting as a fundraiser for KPLU. You can submit questions through my blog and through a KPLU email address that will be soon announced.. At bottom is 00 UTC WRF-GFS forecast on 5.4 km grid for total precipitation through 5:00 pm on September 23rd. That model indicates the dry, trough to the north will preavil and keep Norma’s impacts to the south.

This disturbance is located in the middle of the 10 (degree) north line. According to this map, the disturbance would likely continue to move westward and encounter a possible southward motion in the process, However, should this current pattern hold, an eventual westerly-turning-northwest movement would likely result. At the moment, we have generally light shearing over the area where this disturbance would travel should it move west. However, should it survive that bout, and low shearing holds up over the 10 degree north line, I believe additional development for the disturbance is likely. There is an area of about 30 knots of shearing on te lower right-hand corner of the image, which i where the system may run into some trouble. Because this system is at the 10 degree north line, I find it reasonable that, should movement continue west, climatologically the system would want to enter the Caribbean in a similar way in which Hurricane Ernesto did. All I want from this is the possibility of consideration. Another possibility is that the system is pushed north and is thrown into the massive high pressure system holding an iron grip over mich of the Atlantic. The ECMWF has been consistent with the polar vortex being pushed out of its Arctic domain and high pressure building over the same area.

Today’s ECMWF model shows the polar vortex being escorted out of the Arctic by a massive high pressure system building over Greenland in a negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) scenario. Going back to the negative NAO, it looks to have the highest point of high pressure in the center of Greenland towards the west of that land mass, meaning it could be neutral to slightly west-based. Additionally, incoming sudden stratospheric warmings appear in the cards, meaning the cold weather would only be reinforced. Recent model runs have shown it bombing out directly over Nova Scotia, Canada, in a situation that could bring insane cold and snow to that region. Edited to add: Turns out NHC named the easternmost system TS Lee and then the “X” system TS Maria. Find out more about Monet’s haystacks series (sometimes called grain stacks) – including links to where you can see them in art galleries and museums. Touching the button in the upper left opens up a menu, offering lifestyle predictions, including outdoor nature forecast, golf forecast, aches & pains forecast, beauty forecast, family forecast, as well as fitness forecast. Here is what the upper atmosphere will look like at that time. All eyes are on mid Month where we will have a favorable atmospheric setup for cold and stormy conditions giving us a chance at a White Christmas.

This is far to overdone, but It is exciting to see none the less and shows that the idea of a white Christmas is on the table. Twitter shows its great energy in 2009. This community comes as the innovative learning and communication channel for people. This map shows shear tendencies over the Atlantic. In summary, things will warm up and quite down over the next week. For example: Home Win: If you add up the probability of all results where the home team wins (e.g. 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-2 etc) then you will have the overall likelihood of a Home Win. At that point, the hope the poll might prove to be wrong when the results come in is all a party can cling to. Now we come to the real problem, and why I am for the first time in years really optimistic. A curious mind may wonder as to how come absolutely no one minds the rains or waiting for long hours with umbrellas on their heads!