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This is done by dividing the time series historical data with its corresponding seasonal index. This time of the year is a favorable time to come to this city; hence you will find a range of cultural events like the International Visual Art festival. Snow showers will come to an end from west to east. Pictures that have come in from Puerto Rico, the island of Barbuda, Dominica, St Croix and others have shown unprecedented devastation. Do not worry if you have missed out on Black Friday deals. The first thing to find out is to identify the pattern of seasonal variances in the available historical data. I’m new to the HubPages, and thought it was funny that this article fit with the first 2 I wrote! The rain collection funnel leads into the first bucket and once one hundredth of an inch is collected, the bucket tips the rainwater into a gauge. This gauge operates using two small buckets on a seesaw board.

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge. In modern popular usage, the term monsoon is taken to refer to the seasonal rain which affects the Indian sub-continent. The word monsoon comes from the Arabic language and the word mausim which means season. However, this is not the only vocabulary involved, neither from a weather system perspective nor from the derivation of the word. However, what disturbs the global climate cycle is the change in the location of water bodies that help in regulating heat and moisture on Earth. Thus, we can conclude that plate tectonic movement and change in climate go hand in hand. So how does the movement of plate tectonics affect climate change? One fine example of the plate tectonics effects on climate is the conversion of the flourishing forests of the Andes Mountains into deserts, leading to increased temperature levels. Arctic amplification is also caused by temperature feedbacks. Katabatic winds are caused by heavy, cold air flowing downhill from the high elevations of the interior of the continent reaching speeds of up to 100mph as the result of gravity. A “bomb cyclone” caused by a rapid drop in air pressure brought snow to the mountains and wind and rain along the California and Oregon coasts.

As the atmospheric rises and falls, the level of mercury in the glass acts accordingly and the pressure is read of the glass calibration. As the atmospheric pressure rises and falls, the corrugated bellows and the spring to expand and contract. As you may know, differences in air pressure produce winds, which can be defined as the movement of air from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. The air above the continent has only 1/10 of the water vapor concentration that temperate latitudes have. Most ultrasonic anemometers also have a tail vane to give wind direction. Instead its main purpose is to look at match results from past games and give a prediction for future games. In India, the main monsoon season brings significant rainfall with it. The precipitation develops from moist sea air which is carried over the subcontinent on the monsoon wind. Most of the weather instruments used by meteorologists have been around for some time being well tried and tested for over a century. Instruments can have their own containers or be housed in a Stevenson Screen Structure that is slatted or louvered to allow air circulation. This region is marked by fierce storms that sweep warm and moist air from the middle latitudes toward the south pole.

The unique circular shape of Antarctica, coupled with its position on the southern axis of Earth, means that the atmospheric circulation of air is consistent (for the most part) which makes for uniform weather patterns. Although the landscape is austerely breath-taking on the continent encapsulating the South Pole, Antarctica’s weather patterns make it the most inhospitable place on Earth, especially the high desert of the interior. There’s a mild slope in this polar region but no geological features interrupt the course of the mild winds generating from the high pressure system located there throughout the year which cause clearer, calmer days in the region. This is used to measure atmospheric pressure. The spring is attached by a lever to a calibrated dial that indicates the atmospheric pressure. By and large, 80% of businesses are affected by seasonal variances in demand. Even though the example we have used here is for a typical seasonal product line, other products also experience the seasonal variances in demand. This way you will no longer have to worry about what your car is going to look like in five or ten years.