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You should lock the doors and turn the lights on. Some ensembles are even going as far to say that the NAO will turn negative. NAO, a low pressure of sorts is over Greenland, which in turn moves the jet stream more north and gives the East Coast some warmer weather. Nevertheless, this storm system will be pushing east towards Texas. A strong, positively tilted storm system will be pushing east after coming into contact with the Southwest. Phase 6 includes a wet precipitation anomaly over the Ohio Valley, Southern Plains and Great Lakes, while leaving the East Coast dry. Putting those together indicates that there would be at least some potential for an East Coast snowstorm if the ensembles go as planned and the NAO moves for neutral of even negative territory. The upcoming pattern is favorable for accumulating snowfall in the East US. As far as synoptic snowfall projections, current trends highlight the Plains, Midwest and western Ohio Valley for the best chances of above normal snowfall. This is good news, as negatively tilted storms (highest vorticity pointing towards the southeast) are known to be more volatile as far as severe weather goes.

6. Restart your phone and your Versa and sync and see if the weather is updated now. As of right now, I am in a wait and see mode, as the models are having trouble with this. Right now, we’re sitting in a moderate Phase 5 stage. Right now the long-range forecast models show no major weather events next week, just a few weak weather systems and a generally ridge (area of high pressure) over the western U.S. This forecast shows wind speeds in the lower levels of the atmosphere, in the domain of the nocturnal lower level jet stream (LLJ). The LLJ is a well-known instigator of severe weather and even tornadoes overnight. Perhaps meteorologists are the last people you want forecasting the weather, because many of us love severe weather and subconsciously want it to happen. 8. Should the pressure suddenly rise while you are experiencing a foul weather, low pressure occurrence, it is highly likely that you’re going to be experiencing a short period of fair weather.

And of course you can watch the TV weather broadcasts–where you often hear some of the logic and uncertainty underlying the forecast. But all that doubt in the placement of the severe weather risk area subsides when you take a look at the 700 millibar forecast map for the same timeframe as the above two maps. The approach of this system is clearly showed by high-resolution regional weather prediction models (see graphic of 3-hr precipitation ending 4 PM). In fact, Phases 6 and 7 (the phases in which the storm will happen) both are discouraging for precipitation in the Northeast. That would provide a sort of building ground that the storm, if it is to come into the US, would affect the Midwest more than the Northeast. While the dewpoint gradient may be a bit further east than this highest risk I am projecting, I believe this is an accurate depiction of my thoughts at the moment, which are fluid as forecasts continue to come in.

Boil for one minute after the mixture has come to a full boil. This scheme allows the reader to make certain physical distinctions in the way storms are organized and will allow one to infer how the storms behave. Google and other big online corporates will be taxed. Each can of fuel will usually burn for about two hours. Six of the tornadoes were rated F3 and two were rated F4. Correlation analysis is used to know whether any two given attributes are related. Well, you can know quite a bit if you read this topic. I tried to avoid introducing non-self-explanatory terminology when possible, so if you read the literature, terminology will be somewhat different. I find it useful to read the discussions of neighboring offices (e.g., Portland) as well. The model performs equally well on conventional shared-memory scalar and vector processors. Some have really moved west into the Gulf of Mexico, but most have shifted a fair amount west, with some models making landfall on Florida now. Well, for me you have this blog and my Friday 9:50 AM segment on KUOW. King5 weathercasters also do blogs and some of them have substantial backgrounds (Jeff Renner, Sharon O’Donnell, and Rich Marriott all have professional degrees in the field).

This tornado passed very near Lambert Field (the St. Louis airport) and the Weather Bureau Office (which was then located in the old terminal building on the northwest side of the airport). It pays to be an intelligent consumer of weather information. Great information from a very insightful guy. Please select the information that is incorrect. I recommend you watch the video to get the full breakdown of what to expect. Talking about mountains, we did get some post-frontal snow showers in the Cascades yesterday (see pictures at Stevens Pass, which got around 9 inches). We got to 19 mph one day, here in Seattle, and the big potential storm headed to northern California. One of them may need to start game four if the series gets that far. I just do not expect the real game to start until we get into the heart of winter. I expect the spring of 2013 to bring the heart of severe weather into the Midwest and eastern Plains, away from its usual spot in the central and southern Plains.