Feature-based Prediction Of Non-classical And Leaderless Protein Secretion

However, at the same time, storm systems would hit the Southwest, eject into the South Plains, and produce high-precipitation events across the Plains and Midwest. During such a pattern, high pressure will take over the Gulf of Alaska and general Northeast Pacific regions, as the polar jet stream rides up into Alaska, before plummeting south into the Rockies. The above image shows a general overview of the atmosphere during a La Nina-dominated pattern. That’s why we see a ‘wet’ outline in the areas mentioned above (this outline is centered a bit to the east of where I believe this ‘wet’ pattern may set up). The early part of the month is likely to favor a cold Central and East US, as a lobe of the polar vortex ventures dangerously close to the United States. In the United States, high pressure and warm weather will take hold of the Southeast and East US, something we’ve been seeing, and ought to continue to see for the coming month.

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