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As a result many famous astrologers have been since past. We have been away this past week on a road trip to northern New Mexico. Using the image immediately prior to the one directly above, colder colors are draped over that same area, implying the PDO state is opposite the 500-millibar height anomalies over the northern Pacific. Tourists and visitors that are asthmatic should seek medical advice before going to the northern part of the country. The middle tornado warning is a fairly large section of intense green which means winds going towards the radar site. This is going to be an low-scoring, old-school defensive struggle. During the April-through-mid-June time period, we have seen below-normal geopotential heights (stormy weather) south of the Aleutian Islands into Japan. Over the months of April, May, and the first half of June, surface winds were seen flowing from west to east over the waters south of the Aleutian Islands, a prominent mark of the PDO being in the positive phase.

In a positive PDO, surface winds over the north Pacific flow from west to east, while in a negative PDO these surface winds flow from east to west. When SSTAs are notably below normal east of Japan into the waters south of Alaska, the PDO is said to be in the positive phase. This would, in turn, lead to more precipitation in states like Colorado and the east central Rockies, as well as the Midwest and Ohio Valley. In the positive phase, cold air tends to flow south and the storm track is shifted so it favors the Midwest/Great Lakes for precipitation. About the only thing we do know for sure beyond a week is that we will see a more serious punch of cold weather late next weekend after another rain or mixed precipitation event next weekend. The radio will sound…alerting you to severe weather warnings 24 hours a day. Present day orthodox forecast techniques lack the ability to accurately predict the weather beyond three or four days.

The PNA, the acronym for the Pacific North American index, is based in the northeast Pacific Ocean and has tremendous effects on the weather observed in North America. A sturdy negative NAO would only help the Northeast as well. Basketball is doing well also, need not suspect the NBA Finals starting today will get high ratings because among the ideal Boston-Los Angeles match-up. Mild air will work its way back into the region later Sunday and into Monday. How many times have you gone on a trip when half way through it rain started pouring from nowhere? With that will come the rain which will in association with a slow moving front. When the ditch and pond affect the nose, Look out for rain and stormy blows. Much like the SSTA comparison, surface wind patterns seem to be giving us conflicting signals that make it difficult to draw out which phase the PDO is actually in. Trump’s comments received widespread derision from scientists and the media, with many articles pointing out that Trump is confusing short-term weather events with long-term climate, and that extreme cold weather still occurs in a warming world.

In the above one month change of SST’s, we can see that warming has taken place across the northeast Pacific. The fact that we are starting to see warming in the Northeast Pacific is exciting. If such a warming trend continues through the month of November, the chances of a positive PNA will only continue to increase. How does renewable energy impact the negative effects of global warming? The Pacific Decadal Oscillation comes in two phases: a “warm” phase (positive phase) and a “cool” phase (negative phase). In above normal SST anomalies, the Pacific North American index tends to favor a positive phase over negative. In negative SST anomalies, the negative phase of the PNA is supported. Graphic showing SST anomalies (shaded) and surface wind patterns (arrows) during the positive phase of the PDO (left image) and the negative phase (right image). There’s one more method I want to look at to determine the state of the PDO. Unfortunately, even this method doesn’t provide much more clarity on the state of the PDO. However, also shown on that two-panel image above are surface wind patterns exhibited during the different PDO phases. The PNA is enhanced by sea surface temperatures. This is the change of sea surface temperatures from September 2012 to October 2012, focused in on the north and central portions of the Pacific Ocean.

This morning illustrates nicely what a tremendous challenge it is to forecast minimum temperatures across the Tucson metropolitan area, under certain synoptic settings. However, some places experienced at least a brief period of nearly calm winds, and these areas recorded much lower minimum temperatures. This means that in a negative PDO, all areas under warmer colors would see lower 500-millibar heights. For example, if you want to buy clothes you could try entering an online ‘world’ creating an online virtual You to go from ‘shop to shop’ with, looking at products and trying/buying what you see. You may want to make alternative arrangements, or purchase a new tent or decide to bring a tarp along with you. The web is one of the most convenient methods to research study weather and other weather associated subjects, it is crucial to keep in mind that it isn’t really your only alternative. The weather service report on hottest temperature in recorded history paints the picture of Phoenix heat.