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More western parts of the Mid-Atlantic should see more precip out of this unsettled weather. If we can do that in October, it means we may see colder weather for the United States. This means you can use this method to find out if you made points a week before you normally would. Airline captains don’t get to view good radar imagery like shown above, but rather use their aircraft radar, which have relatively low resolution, limited range, and present all levels at once. Finally, we have to address the ongoing severe drought that is hitting much of the country. A quick visit to an online independent comparison service will help you see how much you could save on your household bills. Lower level winds just 5000′ off the ground will be over 60 knots, and if these winds translate to the surface, we could see a large-scale damaging wind event over the Ohio Valley. The latest snow cover projection over the next 192 hours has been raised to an increase 1.35%, as the fall season takes hold over the Arctic Circle and Siberia.

If you’re a warm weather fan, you want to pray October sees well below average snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere. I am personally opposed to this solution, and while it may very well pan out, I am more pressed to believe favored guidance, which does initiate convection along the dry line in the afternoon hours. Case in point, 4.0km WRF-NMM guidance shows convective initiation in the afternoon hours along the dry line, which is projected to be planted almost immediately east of the Oklahoma panhandle in due north-south orientation. This would be the result of a lack of trigger mechanism, it appears, as some guidance shows weak convergence along the dry line. To this extent, continued moistening of the planetary boundary layer through isentropic ascent, notable 850-millibar moisture plume advection, and substantial low-level warm air advection will result in areas of drizzle to showers overnight, particularly across Texas and Oklahoma.

However, as the atmosphere continues to become more conducive to severe weather through continued warm air and moisture advection overnight, will not rule out severe weather tomorrow morning, especially given expected values of elevated instability that may favor stronger storms. However, there are frauds but not all the numerologists who offer free service try to rob you all the time. However, the market sentiment is that as the concept picks up, more affordable homes will be available in Goa. Let’s have a look at the common reasons why people lose money in the market. These are made of heavy-duty rubber and have a good grip at the bottom. Half-hearted measures intended to provide balance-sheet relief are unlikely to restore trust in financial intermediaries. Food: If you and your family are trying to save money, I’d suggest packing a few sandwiches and cold drinks for lunch in a small tote-able soft-sided cooler. That’s a correlation at work there- as we discussed with the Sea of Japan, cooler than normal water temperatures tend to bring about stormy and cold weather, while above-normal water temperatures permit the formation of high pressure.

Model guidance troubles will be discussed more in depth in the following sections. Surface plots at 0700z show areas of mist and light rain across central and eastern Texas, in line with favored model guidance. Initiation here is along the Lawton-Burlington line previously mentioned, but I am not willing to put stock into the HRRR currently given its unrealistic surface temperatures. Although it still retains unrealistically-high surface temperatures tomorrow afternoon, new runs of the HRRR model continue to gradually increase the coverage and intensity of convective initiation along the dry line in central Oklahoma. This is the most inhospitable continent on Earth for several reasons, the most obvious of which is the cold temperatures. Large upper level low currently stationed across the Western US will provoke a potential severe weather event in the Plains and lower Mississippi Valley today. Simulated reflectivity projections from the NAM model indicate that a strong squall line should stretch from Ohio to the western tip of Tennessee by the evening hours on Sunday.

Per hodographs from immediately out ahead of the squall line, any convection that forms before the squall line pushes through may be tornadic. In the same fashion, if the squall line itself is more of a coagulation of individual cells rather than a line of storms, there is a raised potential of tornadoes. There is potential for a severe weather outbreak this weekend, as an amplified storm system traverses the Plains, leading to an enhanced jet stream and an opportunity for a potentially significant squall line. I drew in the black line to show the tilt of the storm system, which should be negatively-tilted for this event. The negative tilt matters in this situation, as negatively-tilted storms tend to produce more “intense” severe weather events than positively-tilted storm systems (which involve the storm pushing to the southwest). Psychics look into the lives of people and predict future events. But then if we look at the United States, we see just regular west-to-east flow. If we do see snow cover continue to rise substantially beyond September and through October, we may be able to break through into positive snow cover anomaly territory. For days and days on end now, the GFS model has been projecting substantial increases in snow cover over a 192 hour period for the Northern Hemisphere.