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This map is best used to identify the rain/snow line. When you’re trying to find the best sports activity during summer days you shouldn’t forget about kiteboarding. The changes in climate would most likely add three weeks to the already sweltering hot and humid summer months. Sometimes during the winter months it does rain for 2-3 days straight. A negatively tilted storm typically includes more gusto in that it provides more severe weather potential in the summer, and thus heavier precipitation potential in the winter. But to get more insight, let me show you the cloud forecasts by our computer forecat model–actually the total cloud water content in a vertical column. We ended up deciding to show the one that seemed the closest to the radar itself, which would be where the most accurate information would be. One is a closed low, placed in the Northern Plains, while the other is a deepening trough in the Southern Plains, shown by the depression in contour lines. As for temperatures, a below normal swath of temperatures is found across the Northwest and Northern Plains, while a warmer than normal forecast includes the Plains and Southeast.

This is the temperature (top) and precipitation (bottom) forecast from what is referred to as the ‘CMC1’. The next forecast of precipitation (top) and temperatures (bottom) comes from the GFDL model, commonly known as one of the hurricane models. The Weather Centre believes the models are behaving strangely by all following one model deemed an outlier. GFS model was deemed an outlier by weather forecasters this morning, but many/all models have been wading south to the GFS, mystifying many observers of model data. Snow would be expected north of the dark blue line labelled 540 (or 5400), and rain would be located to the south of the line. This meteorologist seemed to be indicating a north turn around by the models is still possible. Notice that blue vortex has now really retreated to the north. The big question now becomes will the storm cut into the interior and cause our area to be hit by rain, or will it slide just off the mid-Atlantic coast and give us the opportunity for snow. As for precipitation, the West Coast is very much below normal, indicating that the storm track wouldn’t be too active if this were to verify. The storm remains a couple days away.

In the wake of Sandy, another Nor’easter is projected to develop in the next 5-10 days. If we compare the precipitation chart to this thickness chart, we see that the air mass behind the Nor’easter would appear to be favorable for some snow. As the ice crystals or water droplets gain mass, they develop enough weight such that they can no longer be supported on the air column and will fall as precipitation (this term covers both liquid and solid forms of water). If you see the warmer than normal water anomalies in the upper right part of the image, you are seeing a negative NAO set-up. Outdoor firepits: Firepits, outdoor fireplaces, and chimeneas are the latest trend in backyards everywhere. Large hail and damaging winds are possible. The presence of such strong winds indicates that a strong low pressure system is in the area. The above map shows 500mb winds for the time period that we are watching.

I don’t really like this forecast because we are about to commence a West-Based El Nino as seen in today’s post (click here), and in a West-Based El Nino, you find a warm West US and cool East US. This commonly gives the East cool weather. Again, cool temperatures in the stratosphere can help prospects for ridging, and this is no different. This particular forecast includes a cooler than normal Northwest US, but that’s about it as far as below normal temperatures go. Above normal temperatures are found in the entire East US, where anomalies are as high as 3 degrees above normal. Clean filters consume less energy and are effective in cooling your air at home. They included Air India, Go Air and Spicejet. 1. Repair the source which is causing dampness or wetness at home .Leaking roofs, taps and tanks have to be repaired to prevent leaking.2. The H’cap column shows the goals advantage for the home team.