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Model forecast was quite good, except for being a bit too moist in surface-based BL. So if four days from now the forecast is a Kp number of 1, then it’s not the time to be heading as far South as possible in the hope of seeing something. Visible image below from about the same time shows the associated low clouds backed up against the Front Range. Last winter, the NAO was already negative as this point in time. This month, we have a positive NAO moving towards a negative phase. This map combines storm reports from 15 of the best analog dates (dates that have similar atmospheric features as a forecast period (in this case, 5 days away)) into one image. Note that many of the tornado reports you see in red on the image above included F5 and F4 tornadoes, as this post from AmericanWx shows. This type of synoptic set-up would not be all that different from the pattern that was present for the Moore, OK tornado event.

For this particular multi-day event this week (the days themselves remain uncertain), multiple low pressure systems will be making their way onshore from the active Pacific storm train. The pattern really is primed for such a multi-day event. I believe a multi-day severe weather outbreak is possible (if not likely) across the Plains and Midwest over the next 7 days. Looking at this image, it is apparent that this potential outbreak would most likely affect states from Minnesota into Oklahoma, but with eastern Nebraska into western Iowa and western Missouri into much of Kansas receiving the highest threat. The WRF-GFS forecast sounding was much better than my subjective forecast that the elevated residual BL and SFC BL would merge into single BL. For a better touch, add a small decorative pumpkin on the table. Above is the steering flow at 250-850mb. The steering flow is like seeing a current of water in a sink take a small object and move it around within that current’s reach. It’s best to avoid small options as they won’t draw enough attention to your eyes to balance your overall look. High-end branch predictors look at the history of code flow, and can correctly predict repetitive patterns in how the branch behaved.

We can see Hurricane Gordon to the upper right corner of the image, which is moving towards Europe. The 07:00 am surface plot above indicates a strong cool front moving south along the Front Range – already reaching into the northeastern corner of New Mexico. When the AO is positive, winds circling an area in the far north hemisphere spin tighter and stronger, locking cold air in that region and not letting it go south into the US. I anticipate the risk of severe weather to increase across the South Plains in the next week or more. I anticipate the Central and Northern Plains to get in on the action more-so than the Southern Plains. There is a strong high pressure system in the Plains keeping the system from wanting to move north and towards the Midwest, so it would seem the only logical solution is to have the system move towards the East Coast.

So now if they have sufficient amount with them, they can even plan to buy an island in Fiji. And, according to experts, a huge amount of damage would need to be done to our economy (in addition to the significant damage already done, of course) in order to take the current unemployment rates up to 10% or more. Know about Sportpesa Jackpot Prediction This Week and win a huge amount. So checking in to see how the next week is going to be should keep you right. Here are the predictions for this week. So Yes, There was huge blowback against my predictions predicting the reveal date of the next xbox and ps5 – usually within an hour of being posted here and across multiple forums. This map is the 0 hour analysis (not a forecast) of the Atlantic Ocean in the 500mb heights, with added MSLP. But notice the massive high pressure regime in place across the Atlantic.

This clockwise motion of winds would keep Invest 94 in the southern part of the Atlantic and move it towards the Caribbean. In the negative phase, the winds are weaker, and the cold air escapes southward into the US. The positive phase involves the cold air bottled up in Canada and warm air moving slightly north and affecting portions of the north US. It begins with an unusually active upper air flow. The steering flow shows where storms may go by identifying wind patterns at different levels of the atmosphere. A major difference we expect to see between the Oklahoma tornadoes and this upcoming week’s potential is that the storms should be further north. Typically, we will see a a few cracks in between high pressure systems, and these cracks will shoot the invest north. However, now that there are multiple high pressure systems, there are next to no cracks for the system to break through and move north.