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Numerous national parks have been established in this region. In Tanzania, for example, there are established national parks such as Serengeti, Mikumi, Selous, Tarangire, Ruaha, Saadani, Ngorongoro, Katavi and Manyara. There are also carnivorous animals such as lions, leopards, hyenas, etc. The region also supports a variety of species of birds, reptiles and insects. The pattern has resulted in strange vertical wind profiles that are not supportive of organized thunderstorm systems. The climate of most of these regions has an equatorial rainfall pattern. Expecting a re-amplification of the pattern over the next 7-10 days as we see increased storm chances. And that’s five full days excluding travel days. Tropical monsoon climate Location The areas which mainly experience monsoon type of climate are South East Asia, Northern Australia, Southern China, and the Indian subcontinent. These are the type of climates found within the tropics, mainly between 23½° north and 23½° south of the equator.

Torrential rainfall associated with thunderstorms in annual range of temperature increases with the distance from equator. 5. The daily temperature range is rarely more than 8°C because of the thick cloud cover. 9. High humidity and intensive cloud cover throughout the year. 6. Humidity is high during the hot, wet season. This is a projection from the GFS model of 500mb heights- the area where one is most easily able to identify disturbances or high pressure systems. There are very large variations in weather locally and you CAN’T assume that your home or apartment has the same conditions as Sea-Tac airport or one of the limited collection of stations presented on TV or in the paper. 5. There are three marked seasons: cool, dry season; hot, dry season; and hot, wet season. This climate can generally be described as having a hot, wet season and cool, dry season. The four types of climate are hot, warm, cool, and cold climates. According to latest Weather Philippines forecasts, the Visayas and Mindanao region will experience mostly cloudy skies with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms due to a diffused tail-end of a cold front affecting Visayas and Northern Mindanao, according to them.

We cannot just use something, think it is environmentally friendly and safe, without doing our due diligence first. While the persistence of criminal activity is well documented, this may be due to persistence in the unobserved determinants of crime. Location The region is found between 0° and 5° north and south of the equator but in some regions it may extend up to 10° north or south of the equator. Location Location: the region is found between 5° – 15° north and south though it may extends to 250 north or south of the equator. Examples of areas found within this region include the Amazon basin, Congo basin, the southern Ivory Coast, south Ghana, western coastal Nigeria, and eastern coastal Malagasy Republic. NB: But areas located in highlands within the equatorial region have their temperatures modified by altitude. 4. Annual rainfall varies greatly, depending on relief and the angle at which onshore winds meet the highlands (aspect).

Climate is not the uniform across the World; climate varies from one place to another. Variations on the basic type of climate occur in the highland regions of equatorial Africa. Area found: East and Central Africa, Brazilian plateau, Venezuela, Africa and N. Australia. Daytime highs wil be in the mid 40s, The next system arriving early Thursday will contain focused and heavy rain for our area. Rain fade what people termed a condition that would send satellite TV in a tizzy because of precipitation that caused an impact on satellites was common in the past. People living in this region mainly engage in livestock keeping, cultivation and tourism. The main human activities carried out in areas experiencing this type of climate include rice growing and livestock husbandry. In the interior of the continents it is referred to as tropical continental climate. 5. Total annual rainfall is around 765mm, though this increases in the areas lying close to the equatorial climate region.

The savannah region is suitable for herbivores animals such as giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, rhino, zebras, antelopes, wildebeests and many other animals. Tropical continental climate This climate is also known as Sudan type or Savannah climate. This climate is characterized by tall grass and trees which are more numerous near the equatorial forest region. 4. The daily mean temperatures are about 26°C all the year round. We saw tornadoes early this year. The temperature of some of these highland areas, e.g., the East African Highlands, is lowered to about 15°C. These regions are said to have a modified equatorial climate. Mainly Variation of temperature and rainfall influences different climatic characteristics. Climate: hot wet summer season, warm dry winter, rainfall is moderate. The oldest and the most common is to use a dry bulb and a wet bulb thermometer, this is what is known as a psychrometer. This rainier time is called the wet season.