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It’s looking like a cold and stormy pattern will overtake the US for the mid-December timeframe. Now, according to LRC ‘guidelines’, the pattern typically does not appear this soon after it happens. Now, as for the wintry side, there is already a model battle setting up. Model forecasts have been consistent with having a storm system sweeping through the Rocky Mountains before shifting east and provoking active weather in the outlined areas. The European model (top image) wants to take the storm on a track going through Chicago and the Lower Great Lakes to drop snow in the Upper Midwest. The American GFS model ends up dumping a significant amount of snow in the Midwest rather than the Upper Midwest, as the European model appears to show. Snow: Snow is forecast to occur more often with cooler temperatures and above normal precipitation this winter. And there are many more observing and forecasting resources that I have not mentioned.

Furthermore, many of the deaths occurred for relatively new and small fires, fires for which no incident meteorologist had been assigned (Incident Meteorologists (IMETs) are forecasters specially trained to work during severe wildfire outbreaks). Importantly, this includes even small or emerging fires (since they are involved in many of the deaths). To illustrate, here is map that shows the latest wind observations over the Washington State (and there are much more available than is shown here). The beaches are quite filled on the weekends and walking around Balboa Island is a bit like a walk at the Minnesota State Fair in August! In India communalism and regionalism are raising their ferocious hoods. From their web page – the current zones (7 of them, with Tucson Metro being zone 33) are shown in the top image and the proposed zones (13 of them) are shown in the bottom image. This does not require one meteorologists per fire, since a meteorologist can watch over several in an area (think of the meteorologists being similar to flight controllers that supervise several flights at a time). Build a patio, gazebo, or labyrinth to create a beautiful and functional place to enjoy your outdoor time for years to come.

These two factors make for a hard time in getting thunderstorms to form. The Twisp disaster was connected with a windshift, associated with cooler air moving across the Casacades, that was predicted by regional weather prediction models and was evident in real time from surface observations. The Yarnell fire deaths were associated with the outflow boundary of cooler air emanating from thunderstorms to the northeast, something evident from weather radar imagery and regional surface observations. Pilots will need the meteorological education to better understand weather threats and how they can be identified in radar or satellite imagery. Weather radar imagery are providing constant coverage over much of the western U.S. There are many different weather conditions in the different regions, countries and Continents. So based on my analysis of several fires and discussions with a number of fire weather experts, let me describe how we could end most wildland firefighter deaths. Weather observation and prediction technology has greatly improved during the past decades, allowing meteorologists to provide radically better support for wildland firefighters. They agreed with my and Haner’s analysis: virtually all the major wildland firefighters deaths could have been prevented with better information and guidance using current observations and forecasting technology.

But technology is not the end of the problem. We got through the worst of it, but our friends, family and others are still showing symptoms of severe weather stress. They’re perfect for groups of friends, families, couples, for team building events, and for solo thrill-seekers as well. Fire-spread was correlated with fuel, weather and fireshape variables using multiple regression techniques. Considering the seriousness of this issue, I conferred with some very experienced fire weather researchers in the Forest Service (who preferred anonymity). These meteorologists would be responsible to provide guidance, forecasts, and warnings to fire crews. Simply put, modern meteorologists have an extraordinary set of tools to determine what the weather is doing now and what it will be doing in the future, even in relatively remote areas. For example, we have large number of surface weather observations throughout the U.S., including remote areas. SATURDAY: Large coastal storm remains south. The United Kingdom’s forecast model agrees with the American solution, but the UK’s model usually is not the best with forecasting storm systems. The Storm Prediction Center has outlined two areas of interest in the Southern Plains- one on April 16th (purple) and another on April 17th (green). White House budget official Mark Sandy told lawmakers earlier this month that two staffers resigned over the agency’s handling of security aid to Ukraine, according to a transcript of his testimony released Tuesday.