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This air is relatively unstable, so there is also the risk of thunderstorms with locally intense rainfall. InvestingReduce your risk and increase your profitability in the market. All these features provide the user in his or her stock market prediction with vital information when combined. Fully associative array of branch prediction bits vs. Our results should therefore be generalizable to other regions and climatic zones and provide a better basis for modelling the impact of future climate change. Each QBO phase results in different atmospheric effects during the winter months. My worry is that this upper level low will end up being another piece of the polar vortex, like we saw last winter, that might push south and bring intense cold back once or twice through the coming winter. This is illustrated by an upper level forecast map for 4 PM Friday, with the sold lines presenting the heights of the 500 hPa pressure surface (around 18,000 ft).

There are a number of points and clarifications I want to make for this amalgamation of forecast models, and we’ll proceed in the same order that they are posted above. You will not want to go to Eugene, which will resemble Siberia before this over. The above image shows anomalies of the October Pattern Index over the last several days, since the start of October. Second, we have the October Pattern Index, or OPI. Tourists will probably have a hard time sleeping at night with continuous daylight during the summer season. By the time it is over, Oregon will have a normal snowpack. Think safety first. Unless it is absolutely necessary, stay home until the stormy weather is over and the highway crews have enough time to clear the snow from the roads. It is the middle of November and the weather has been excruciatingly mild so it must be time to kick off the seventh season of Single Chair Weather Blogging. But they share the same weather. Early stonemasons also were aware that certain stone types had more “weatherability” – able to withstand the effects of weather better than others – and they utilized each type in accordance with its properties.

The eastern slopes of the WA Cascades are not much better. A month ago, there was substantially below-normal snow pack over the Oregon Cascades. A six-hour forecast of sea level pressure and low-level (2500 ft) temperatures for 10 AM today predicts the low center will be over the southern Oregon Cascades at 10 AM ( see below). Extremely cold air is found over central and eastern Montana, illustrating how the Rockies protects us from the really primo cold stuff. Since mid-September, we’ve seen predominantly below-normal temperatures for large swaths of the Central and East US. Snow will not get near Puget Sound, but central Oregon will be buried. The image above shows snow cover anomalies over the Northern Hemisphere on October 19th. This is the latest we can get these charts, as data outages have lost snow cover records from October 20th to present day. I mean bad. They don’t have a weather radar on the coast and much of eastern Oregon has zero radar coverage in the lower atmosphere.

The OPI, the concept of which was brought about by a group of Italian scientists, says that monitoring of the atmosphere during the month of October can yield great hints at what the coming winter will bring. Otherwise, look forward to that post on Winter coming Monday night. In fact as we enter Monday and Tuesday temps might warm up a little as a ridge builds.. Here is last nights UW WRF model forecast for total snowfall for the 48 h ending 4 PM Tuesday. The above chart is a forecast from the ECMWF model, and may at first appear complicated, but in reality is rather simple. I see all of the above (and more) being a reality 100 years in the future. The latest radar image from Vandenberg AFB shows extensive moderate rain over the region, with the yellow/orange areas being the most intense. The latest weather radar imagery shows the snow, but this is probably not an accurate rendition of the true state of affairs.