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This means of course, covering up as much exposed skin as possible especially focusing on extremities and other areas that can be highly susceptible to the cold. The positive phase of both the EPO and WPO see warm weather prevail in much of the US, as stormy weather replaces the ridges in each respective region. In the negative phase of the WPO, a strong ridge exists over the Bering Sea, which can allow for sustained cold weather in the Central and Eastern United States. Negative height anomalies are shown along the Gulf Coast, but an unfavorable set-up upstream (to the west) of the United States means that warmth should prevail. Both the WPO and EPO are negative in the long range, which is good for winter weather fans. Good morning everyone. As I continue to monitor this weather pattern I am starting to see signs up hope for winter weather lovers.

Having said that, what good does it do? Calchas proclaimed that the plague was a disease sent by Apollo in retribution for Agamemnon having taken Chryseis, the daughter of the priest of Apollo Chryses, as a prize. However, disagreement from the Typhoon Rule means this part of the month could really go either way. A period of rather chilly weather should kick off the month of February. In this 500mb height contour map, valid for February 1st, we see that lobe of the vortex creating for a very tight gradient in the North US. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, this storm will occur under predominantly northwest flow, with a strong lobe of the tropospheric polar vortex pressing southward from Canada. Notice how we see a positively-tilted piece of energy making its way eastward over Japan, with another piece of energy sliding southward from higher latitudes. Because this is happening, I find it rather plausible we see the storm pushed further south, as strong surface high pressure dropping southward from Canada will also be playing a role here. In a similar sense, when high pressure dominates that same region, we call that a positive PNA.

The forecast for the PNA includes a decrease in positive values as of right now, before a spike back well into positive territory in the long range. The NAO forecast generally stays positive in the long range, a red flag for that positive PNA ridge to shift east into the Central and East US. NAO conditions (which bring about more zonal upper-level flow over North America), and troughing in the Gulf of Alaska supports a modest ridge in western Canada. The negative phase of the EPO gives similar results, though the ridge is positioned in the Gulf of Alaska instead. When we see a stormy pattern in place over these regions, we call such a pattern a negative PNA, due to the below normal height anomalies in this region. Second, notice how the height contours in Canada seem to be diving southeast into the US. I want you to notice the area I circled in red.

I want to now go over the teleconnections over the next two weeks, which can help us diagnose the pattern heading into the 14-31 day period. The Eagles defense has only given up 3 TDs the last three weeks, so they are a classic bend-but-don’t-break pass defense. Both move the ball relatively unconventionally, at least in the sense that their quarterbacks are hit-or-miss material. Based on the projected atmospheric flow, any storm that does develop would be most inclined to move west-to-east across the South before perhaps trying to shift a bit northeast near the Eastern Seaboard. In the 6-10 day forecast panel, we begin to see our new MJO wave really strengthen and define itself as it moves east, just south of the Indian subcontinent. If that is true, this storm would likely stick further south. Anything’s possible, sure, but I’ll stick with a southern track for now. Fortunately, you can now download your social media data and analyse it directly using our tool.

Now that we’ve looked over the next 7-14 days, let’s start looking out even further. Southern Luzon, the Visayas and western and northeastern Mindanao would start experiencing isolated to widespread rain showers this weekend, said forecaster Nikos Penaranda of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa). A key reason is Indian gurus and western counterparts have not only imported the sidereal Zodiac of Hindus but also other techniques of Hindu Astrology. Sun spots or sun flares also will either have the effect to increase or decrease the signal. Or are robots about to undergo some dramatic, revolutionary advances in the following decades that will make the stuff of science fiction seem tame? Although I still do not expect a big pattern change till end of this month/early January there are some encouraging signals I am watching develop. Here’s a look at 500mb vorticity values from January 22nd, over the West Pacific.